Premium coaching & training, leadership & management support and social impact investment advisory services

We provide holistic co-coaching & training for professionals, executives and teams within organizations. We advise & lead organizations and organize cross-sector coordination and project implementation. We provide social impact investment advisory services.


Holistic Co-Coaching © is trademark approach and model of Omnium Coaching & Training. It is based on holistic techniques aimed at active listening and communicating between coach and client in order to shift perception and build motivation and understanding. We provide co-coaching for professionals, executives and teams, that learn how to modify, pace and lead the business processes. Clients are able to incorporate holistic skills in management, marketing, sales, fund raising, organizational development, leading to holistic impact in their organizations, communities and societies.


We provide training sessions that are inter-linked with the co-coaching style and co-management approach. We view training as one of the holistic approaches for increasing awareness on the challenge ahead. The training topics are relevant and updated continuously and range from business innovations, team management, social business, entrepreneurship, project and program management, fund raising, etc.


Omnium Coaching & Training co-manages large developmental and innovative projects with public and private sector stakeholders, introducing and sharing an innovative landscape of socially accountable investments. Ranging from infrastructure projects to social cohesion initiatives, Omnium Coaching & Training experts apply both co-coaching and training models, fine-tuned for private sector, NGOs and public entities.