Scope of Work (SoW): “Expert service offer – Social Impact Investment Matrix”

Expert Service Offer – Social Impact Investment Matrix

Date of Request for Bids from Vendor/Expert: April 26th 2022

Purpose: The consultancy/expert (Expert) will produce a social impact investment matrix (SIIM) with an impact on the local population in the 4 target municipalities.

Place of Performance: Municipalities of Saraj, Zhelino, Tearce and Brvenica

Provider(s): Invited legal & physical entities as part of the roster of experts of Omnium Coaching & Training

Period of Performance: May 5th 2022 – June 6th 2022

Responsible person: Florent Bajrami, Facilitation Officer, Omnium Coaching & Training (under supervision of Albiz Foundation management & personnel)

General Information

Omnium Coaching & Training is a coaching & training company, active since 2009, which supports organizations and individuals in enhancing their performances. We utilize training and mentorship for skills development and coaching for helping people apply these skills in practice.

USAID Project “Social Impact Investments in Communities”

Omnium Coaching & Training is implementing, as a partner, the Project: “Social Impact Investments in Communities” (SIIC). SIIC is a four-year project (June 10th 2021 – June 9th 2025) that aims to promote streamlining of local social impact investments through private sector lead. It is funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). SIIC is implemented in 4 municipalities in the country (Saraj, Zhelino, Brvenica and Tearce). Under the lead of Albiz Foundation, and together with the leading distribution company Dauti Komerc, Omnium Coaching & Training will help introduce an innovative approach to local development through self-reliance efforts.

SIIC key results include:

  • Private companies support planning and implementing local community investments as drivers of greater inter-sector cooperation, leading to local economic growth with positive social impact;
  • The process of local investments is streamlined in municipal planning with new social impact plans showcasing cross-sector agreement on longer-term social impact investments;
  • The public-Private partnership contributes to greater local economic development;
  • Participatory mechanisms for collecting citizens’ inputs for local development are introduced and co-managed by the private sector, municipalities, grassroots, and local leaders.

Scope of Work

The purpose of this SoW is to develop an applicable framework of qualitative/quantitative metrics that will gauge the social impact potential of possible investments in the target municipalities. The resulting document Social Impact Investment Matrix (SIIM) will assist the target municipalities (local self-government, public sector, non-governmental sector, local leaders) by informing them of the potential for the social and environmental impact of planned investments. SIIM will be developed for each of the target municipalities and will include an annex in form of a table, outlining the social impact of potential investments in the target municipalities. The selected Expert, in the first phase, to be conducted until May 15th 2022 will collect data, perform desktop and visit the target municipalities (SIIC local development councils and youth clubs). In the second phase, the Expert will develop the framework of qualitative/quantitative metrics that will gauge the social impact potential of possible investments in the target municipalities (SIIM) for four municipalities. Omnium Coaching & Training will have the overall responsibility to oversee and propose changes to the Expert’s approach. The Expert will utilize the prepared input of data and analysis already available from the SIIC activities.

The expected outcome is as follows:

  • Developed applicable framework for measuring the social and environmental impact. Annex 1. Outline of SIIC & SIIM provides detailed information on the required service.

Deliverables and Schedule

The Expert is responsible for the timely submission of these deliverables, as part of the SoW:

No.DeliverableDescriptionDue dateDays
I.Short report from fact-finding missions in target municipalities on local development needsFacilitate 4 fact-finding missions in target municipalities on local development needs, through meetings with local development councils and youth clubsMay 15th 20226
II.SIIM document for each target municipalityPrepare a social impact investment matrix framework for each municipality, comprising of narrative part and annex (table format outlining social impact from potential investments (Annex 1. Outline of SIIM).June 1st 202212

The total level of effort (LOE) is equivalent to a maximum of 18 days. All required deliverables shall be submitted to the SIIC Facilitation Officer listed on Page 1.

Vendor/Expert Qualifications

  • General experience I: Proven track record in working with local stakeholders (public sector, non-governmental organizations, and private sector operators);
  • General experience II: Proven track record in preparing plans, strategies in the area of social impact, social innovations, human rights, youth & gender equality, minority rights, and similar;
  • Specific Experience: The candidate should have a minimum of seven (7) years of proven working experience with local self-governments, non-governmental sector, private sector on socio-economic programs/projects, topics related to human rights, etc;
  • Educational attainment (for experts proposed): Advanced degree (Ph.D. or Master’s) or equivalent in political, social sciences, or related field;
  • Language proficiency: The candidates must be fluent in English with the ability to produce well-written reports and demonstrated analytical and communication skills. Advantages will be given to candidates proficient in the local languages spoken in the target areas;
  • Nationality: North Macedonia’s citizenship is required.

*invited entities to apply are Experts which are part of the roster list of providers of Omnium Coaching & Training subject to call for experts ( The call is also published additionally on the website of Omnium Coaching & Training and related social media outlets.

Application process

This call is open until May 4nd, 2022, COB. Interested experts should submit their application packages, which include: 1. Profile of Company / Curriculum Vitae (CV); 2. Reference list with 3 references specific to this Call; 3. Outline at least 2 consultancy missions for the production of related strategies and/or local development projects; 4. Financial offer, as per the template provided below as Annex 2: Financial Offer. These can be provided as attachments with the application or as links to documents. Application packages should be submitted to and The title of the e-mail should read: “Expert service offer – Social Impact Investment Matrix”. If shortlisted, candidates may have to submit additional information. Omnium Coaching & Training will invite-only shortlisted candidates for an interview. No telephone or e-mail inquiries will be accepted.

Evaluation Criteria

The following are the evaluation criteria to be followed in the selection of the Expert:

Criteria Points
Past Performance/Experience50
Financial offer20


  1. Payment Terms: Payment will be made upon submission & approval of the invoices monthly. The total financial offer may not exceed a gross of $ 4,500 USD.
  2. The project is VAT exempt.
  3. Logistical Support:
  4. The Expert is required to budget all materials, transport and incidental costs, if applicable
  5. Omnium Coaching & Training / Albiz Foundation is to provide the venue and meals for fact-finding missions, if applicable