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Call For Pool Of Experts

General Information

Omnium Coaching & Training is a coaching & training company active since 2009 which supports organizations and individuals in enhancing their performances. We utilize training and mentorship for skills development and coaching for helping people apply these skills in practice.

USAID Project “Social Impact Investments in Communities”

Omnium Coaching & Training is implementing, as a partner, the Project: “Social Impact Investments in Communities” (SIIC). SIICis a four-year project (June 10th 2021 – June 9th 2025) that aims to promote streamlining of local social impact investments through private sector lead. It is funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). SIIC is implemented in 4 municipalities in the country (Saraj, Zhelino, Brvenica, and Tearce). Under the lead of Albiz Foundation, and together with the leading distribution company Dauti Komerc, Omnium Coaching & Training will help introduce an innovative approach to local development through self-reliance efforts.

SIIC key results include:

  • Private companies support planning and implementing local community investments as drivers of greater inter-sector cooperation, leading to local economic growth with positive social impact;
  • Process of local investments is streamlined in municipal planning with new social impact plans showcase cross-sector agreement on longer-term social impact investments;
  • Public-Private partnership contributes to greater local economic development;
  • Participatory mechanisms for collecting citizens’ inputs for local development are introduced, co-managed by the private sector, municipalities, grassroots, and local leaders.

Call for EOI

We are looking for expression of interest (EOL) from following specific-theme experts, with subject-matter expertise in one or more of the following key subject-matter areas:

  • Climate change adaptation & Environment – involves a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the natural world, ecosystems, and biodiversity. It encompasses strategies, policies, and actions aimed at preventing pollution, conserving natural resources, and mitigating environmental degradation. Experts in this area are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of the environment, addressing environmental challenges, and promoting sustainable practices to ensure a healthy and resilient planet for current and future generations.
  • Waste Management and Recycling – is the systematic process of collecting, sorting, treating, and reusing or disposing of waste materials to minimize their environmental impact. It involves sustainable practices aimed at reducing waste generation, promoting the recovery of valuable resources through recycling, and ensuring the safe disposal of non-recyclable waste. Experts in this field design and implement strategies to reduce waste, increase recycling rates, and minimize the ecological footprint associated with waste disposal.
  • Energy Efficiency – is the practice of optimizing energy use in a way that maximizes desired outcomes while minimizing energy consumption and waste. It encompasses the identification and implementation of energy-saving measures and technologies to reduce energy consumption, lower energy costs, and mitigate environmental impacts. Energy Efficiency experts work to improve energy performance across various sectors by assessing energy use, recommending efficiency measures, and promoting sustainable energy practices.

The experts will be reimbursed based on the accomplishments of an agreed result. Subject to strategic decisions and/or availability of funds, Omnium Coaching & Training reserves the right to select any or none of the applications for experts submitted. Issuing this EoI does not constitute an award commitment on the part of Omnium Coaching & Training, nor does it commit Omnium Coaching & Training to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an application for by potential experts. Furthermore, Omnium Coaching & Training reserves the right to reject any or all applications received if such actions are in the best interest of USAID. Applications are therefore submitted at the risk of the Applicant; should circumstances prevent selecting/awarding, all preparation and submission costs are at the Applicant’s expense.

General timeframe for performance of work:

Work in the above-listed areas is expected to begin the end of October 2023. Short-listed candidates only will be contacted and invited to apply to specific Scope of Work (SoW).

Formal requirements for experts:

Applicants can be individual consultants or consultancies registered as a legal entity in North Macedonia.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field related to environmental science and/or environmental engineering and/or climate change management and/or waste management and/or energy efficiency or similar degree. ExperienceThe candidate should have a minimum of seven (7) years of working experience in the sector(s) relevant for SIIC and proven recognition of subject-matter expertise and consultancy skills. The candidates must have a proven record of effective work with (local) authorities and/or local businesses. The candidates must be fluent in English, as well as in local languages in the target area, with the ability to produce well-written reports/strategies/feasibility/projects and demonstrated analytical and communication skills. North Macedonia’s citizenship is required.

In addition, the candidates should have a sound understanding of and a firm commitment to USAID’s values as well as USAID rules and regulations (including procurement regulations, if applicable. Prior to the award under this EoI, successful Applicants will be assessed against Omnium Coaching & Training due diligence requirements and will have to sign a set of documents to confirm full compliance with USAID and Omnium Coaching & Training internal procurement procedures.

Application process:

This call is open until September 22nd 2023. Interested experts should submit their application packages, which will include: 1. Curriculum Vitae (CV), to include at least 3 references relevant for this Call; 2. Outline of at least 2 consultancy missions (as required by the subject-matter field) authored by the applicant, which demonstrate the expert’s approach, analytical and drafting skill, and/or relevant subject-matter expertise. These can be provided as attachments with the application or as links to documents.

Application packages should be submitted to and

The title of the e-mail should read: “SIIC Expert Pool”, and one or more sub-subject matter areas. If shortlisted, candidates may be invited to submit additional documents and information. The selected candidates will be included on the Omnium Coaching & Training’s SIIC roster list for upcoming activities in SIIC FY2023 and beyond.

No telephone or e-mail inquiries will be accepted. Updated information will be posted on